Best Website Hosting in Japan

Many visitors to our website come from Japan. Konnichiwaこんにちは and Thank you for your support! We noticed many of you are graphic designers and bloggers that need reliable and fast web hosting. In this post, we’ll talk about why we use Bluehost as our web hosting provider and why we highly recommend them to you and our other readers.

Disclosure: I use Bluehost web hosting for all of my websites. I’m a compensated affiliate for Bluehost, my recommendation is from my own satisfaction with their web hosting and customer service.

Affordable Web Hosting for WordPress and Drupal Sites

Bluehost offers many affordable web hosting plans to get you started and you can upgrade as needed when your website grows. Installing WordPress used to be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with website development. With Bluehost they’ve made it easy with one-click-installation for WordPress and Drupal sites right from your hosting control panel.

Check to See if the Domain You Want is Available

There is no better time than right now to secure your domain name. After you choose your domain name with Bluehost you can have a new website live within the HOUR! It really is that fast.

Start a Blog or Portfolio Website

It’s easier than you think to get online today! Use the tool above to select your domain name. Use Bluehost’s one-click-install for fast and easy WordPress installation. WordPress comes with a default theme that you can easily change at any time without losing your settings. There are thousands of free themes available or you can always purchase a premium theme if you prefer. In later posts we will share some of our favorite website themes for 2018 along with our favorite and Must Use WordPress plugins.

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The beautiful stock photo above of Mt Fuji Japan is from a Pixabay user in Japan.